Laminate Floors

What precautions to take to install Durafloor laminate floor?

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The first step to install your Durafloor Laminate Floor is to verify the subfloor. Pay attention if there are any irregularities such as holes, protrusions, crumbling cement, or loose sand. For perfect results, the subfloor must be leveled, cleaned, with no humidity, and in good condition.

After this, verify the environment dimensions and plan before beginning the installation, ensuring time and material usage. Do not forget to use the Durafloor Underlayment that best suits your type of subfloor and do not leave the floor boxes open, its rafters exposed, or near windows. We suggest that you open the Durafloor floor boxes as needed for installation.

During installation, you need to take some precautions

In places subject to weather such as terraces, shop windows, and balconies, protect the floor with awnings or curtains, for example. Remember that Durafloor Laminate Flooring must be protected from huminity in both exterior and interior areas.

For outdoor areas, a doormat or entry mat may be the solution, preventing water or dirt from being carried by wind or shoe soles. Another form of protection is threshold or level differences between areas that have constant humidity and the floor.

Before installing the finishes, be sure to apply silicone between the base and the threshold, preventing water from running onto the floor.

Also pay attention to the qualification of the team that will install your Durafloor Laminate Floor. A well-trained team knows the right tools and can understand the complexity of special projects, especially those that require longer installation time and differentiated workforce.

If you have any questions, please visit the Installation Guide for Laminate Flooring or contact our CS by calling 0800 770 3872.

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