Finishing accessories

In which situations are finishing accessories necessary?

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The finishing accessories are pieces produced in MDF and/or coated aluminum, which guarantee a perfect installation of Durafloor Laminate Flooring. In some cases, its use is mandatory. They are called Profile T or Expansion Profile, Profile Reducer, Profile Floor Wall and Ladder Front. Baseboards and Curved baseboard  are also considered finishing accessories.

The T profile or dilation profile is necessary to ensure that the laminate flooring realizes the natural movement of the wood that is dilating and retracting. This movement is imperceptible to the naked eye; however, the spaces for this movement to occur must be respected.

The use of the T-profile is mandatory if the location of the installation is wider or longer than 8 m (or greater than 64 m²). The Durafloor T Profile must be installed in all room and doorway passages. The space for expansion on each side of the profile should be 10 mm.

Perfil MDF Perfil T  Perfil Fit T

MDF Profile T                                                         T Fit Profile

To the transition between Durafloor floor and other floors of different thicknesses, use the Durafloor Reducing Profile, always keeping the space for expansion of 10 mm. It gives a perfect finish in the transition between different types of floors.

Perfil MDF Redutor  Perfil Fit Redutor

MDF Reducing Profile                                          Reducing Fit Profile

In environments where it is not possible or is not wanted to use baseboards, in threshold, near built-in cabinets and in stone boards, use the Durafloor Flooring Profile.

Perfil MDF Piso Parede  Perfil Piso Parede

MDF Floor-Wall Profile                                        Floor-Wall Profile

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